*B CH Tempo Aquila Rich Legacy





DOB: 3/05/12, White Legged Cou Blanc

2017 - Going Best Buck in Show in Grants Pass

FS92 EEE  5-03
FS89 VEV  2-05
E in shoulder assembly, front legs, rear legs, back, & rump.

Legacy's Grandam:
SGCH Roeburn's BR Rose of Sharon 6*M
Photo courtesy of Roeburn's French Alpines

Legacy's full sister:
GCH Roeburn's Caliente 7*M
Photo courtesy of Roeburn's French Alpines

Richy's 2010 maternal sister:
Tempo Aquila Rosamarina
2012 ADGA National 3rd pl. 3yo 
Photo courtesy of Tempo Alpines


Sor'N'Son LGY*CHT Hannah
(Photo courtesy of Mighty Pine Acres)


           SS:  +*B Kickapoo Valley HL Lord Wimsey
                     3-02 LA 91/EEE
                            Son of CH Kickapoo Valley Saga Whimsey:
                            2006 ADGA Nat'l Jr. GCH, and 2008 ADGA Nat'l 4th/2yo 
Sire:   ++*B GCH Roeburn's Legacy
Elite Sire

 SD:  SGCH Roeburn's BR Rose of Sharon 6*M
           5-3 FS92 EEEE


                  DS:  SG +*B Redwood Hills Jaeger
                             3-5 LA 90/EEE, Elite Sire 
                                    Son of SGCH Redwood Hills RememberJambalya 4*M:
                                    2005 & 2007 ADGA National GCH

Dam:  SGCH Tempo Aquila Ricciolini 5*M
                               ADGA Pedigree Link
                             3-5 FS91 EEEE,  PTI 95 160

                   DD: SGCH Tempo Aquila Tetrazzini 4*M
                                  7-02 FS94 EEEE (Highest appraising alpine in the U.S.)
                                      2013 ADGA Nat'l GCH, Best udder, Lifetime milk & butterfat,
                                                1st pl. dam and daughter.

                                       '11 REDGA 4xBOB, 1xBIS; OR State Fair BOB/BIS, 
                                       Member Supreme Best Three;
                                       Western WA State Fair BOB/BIS

***Many of Richy's paternal siblings can be seen at Missdee's French Alpine Dairy Goats

"Richy" comes from extremely prepotent doe lines on both sides of his pedigree, with both lines being strong on milk, and structure. 

He excels on smoothing out front end assemblies, passes on straight toplines, often corrects rump structure, and passes on milk production!
His sire's dam line, through Rose of Sharon, comprises of 3 Sharon daughters with final scores of 92/EEEE, as well as a Sharon son of 91/EEE!   His grandam, Sharon, was 
also a paternal sister to SG Roeburn's Brutus Eliana 8*M.  Eliana has four lactations over
4200 lbs, and appraised FS91! 

Richy's dam, Ricciolini, is the dam of the 2012 ADGA National 3rd pl. 3yo, Tempo Aquila Rosamarina, and littermate to the 2012 ADGA National 1st pl. 5/6 yo, Tempo Aquila Rotini.  She is the daughter of Tempo Aquila Tetrazzini who has the distict honor of being the highest appraising alpine in the United States with an appraisal of 94/EEEE!  Tetrazzini has had a tremendous career in the show ring both locally and with several top 5 placings at the Nationals as well as the high point of her career being named 2013 ADGA National Grand Champion, Best udder, High Lifetime Milk & Fat, and 1st place Dam & Daughter.   

Ricciolini, appraising FS91 EEEE in '10.  2011 was a stellar year for her with tremendous production, milking 4000+lbs and an outstanding mammary to support that.

Richy is an open, long buck with extremely correct type.  His dairy character is especially outstanding.  When he was leased out for a year, he sired many daughters, but unfortunately the herd was not appraising or on test.  

Due to our herd being so small and the traveling we will be doing this year, we will not breed the one daughter that we have and she will remain dry for 2018. 

We have a large quantity of semen and have kept the price low in order to try and circulate him.

FS92 EEE  5-03
E in shoulder assembly, front legs, rear legs, back, and rump

Semen is available from our farm or Capra Gia Semen.  $25 straw or 10/$200.  On site breeding fee is $75

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