*B Sequoia Wood BX He Bea Dynamic

Dam:  Bea

Sire:  Baxter

Cou Clair
DOB: 3/09/09
American Alpine

    SS: +*B
Hoach's Lyric Luke
Sire: CH Waiilatpu HLL Baxter   (4-04: 91/EEE)
Waiilatpu Newbold's Brooke

    DS:  A-I Dancer's T. Timothy 
Dam:  The Sor "N" Son TT Free Bea *M
    DD:  Tempo Aquila Free Sample

Dynamic possesses a very correct front end assembly exhibiting great width and depth and a tight shoulder set.  His dairy character is outstanding with his ribbing being flat and long, angling correctly into the flank.   His rear leg set is outstanding with a wide and high escutcheon opening, combined with an excellent set of feet and legs.   While not a large buck he doesn't seem to diminish the size of his offspring.

Dynamic has done an incredible job correcting structural faults.  He tightens up pasterns, feet, toes, shoulders and many other items as well. He throws outstanding milk production with well attached, high, wide udders on his daughters.

There really wasn't much we didn't like about this buck other than he was too related to the rest of the herd.

We are excited to be bringing back in some of his genetics by breeding him to Fanci this year (2013). 

Dynamic's 1st Daughter: 
Sequoia Wood Dynamic Allure *M

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