*B GCH Waiilatpu HLL Baxter

Baxter at 2yo.

Dark Chamoise
DOB: 3/10/04
American Alpine

Linear Appraisal:
2008: (4-04) 91/EEE
2006: (2-04) 90/EEV

 SS: ++*B Hoach's Reflection Reflex
Sire: +*B Hoach's Lyric Luke
SD:  GCH Hoach's SRS Lyric 4*M

DS:  +*B Waiilatpu Yreka Newbold
Dam: Waiilatpu Newbold's Brooke
DD:  Waiilatpu Classic's Black Beauty 11*M

Baxter is a massive buck, but with a very congenial personality.  He has been an absolute delight to own, but with a small herd we have used him as much as we are able too.  We are retaining 5 of his daughters this year. 

In 2006 as a 2yo he appraised 90/EEV while scoring excellent in head, rear legs, back, rump and 50 in stature.  Two of his yearling daughters appaised with "E" mammaries.  In 2008 at the age of 4 he appraised 91/EEE with "E"s again in head, rear legs, back and rump.  He excels in length of body, & dairy character.  He is very consistent in throwing strong toplines, high, wide open escutcheons and very straight rear leg sets with excellent width between the hocks.

Soldier-MTN Time Turner


Mockingbird ~Yearling   

Photos courtesy of Soldier-MTN Alpines

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