SG Alder*Rose Dynamic Edelweiss *M


2016 Oregon State Fair 2nd place/2nd udder 2yo

Eva Fuzzy photo May 2017

Eva at 15 months


Eva's 2016 daughter - "Rey"
Rey will remain dry in 2017


Eva as a FF: 2 weeks fresh RU


Eva as a FF: 2 weeks fresh FU


        DS:  *B Mt. Zion Koobi Saharan
Dam:  SG
Wood N Valley Saharan's Alleen
                FS: 7-01  VEEE/91

        DD: Milk-Xpress MZA Sapphire


         SS:  +B GCH Waiilatpu HLL Baxter 
(4-03  FS91/EEE)

Sire:  *B Sequoia Wood BX HeBeaDynamic

         SD:  The Sor 'N Son TT Free Bea *M
                  FS:  5-03  VVEV/88

DOB: 5/08/2014
American Alpine
Cou Clair

USDA Milk Test Data Link

Linear Appraisal: 


Allure as a 2yo - first freshener
Eva's full genetic sister
2-03 VEVV/88


 GCH Leap N Leabo Rainman Splash 2*M
Sire's maternal sister
(5-03) FS VEEE/91

"Eva" is from a repeat breeding that had given us our beautiful Allure whom we lost shortly after her 2013 kidding.  We thought we had lost those genetics for good after Allure died and also when we had to sell all the animals in 2014.  We were excited to find that a full genetic sister was available, and grateful for the opportunity to purchase Eva and add her to the farm.  

Eva is from our strongest and most reliable genetics.  Her dam, SG Wood N Valley Saharan's Alleen was bred under my son's herd name when he was in 4-H.  Eva's sire, affectionately known as Buster,  is from our beautiful Bea, who gave us GCH Leap N Leabo Rainman Splash 2*M.  So much history comes from this wonderful line.

2016:  Eva is a first freshener this year, and WOW can this doe milk!!  Capacity coupled with a stunning mammary system are truly her strengths.  She has already surpassed both her dam and Allure in milk capacity as first fresheners.  Her first test came in at 10.4#.  and was verified at 11.7# while peaking at almost 13# for 2 months!   Did I say this doe can milk....???  She is a deep bodied doe, and while not having the length of body exhibited by her sister, Allure, she more than makes up for it in milk capacity.  We did not show much this year, but when we did she placed well going 2nd to a nationally recognized herd.  We are proud of her and look forward to getting her on standardized milk test next year.  


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