GCH Leap 'N Leabo Rainman Splash 2*M AI

2009 ~ 6yo


Cou Clair, DOB: 3/09/2003
American Alpine
Feb 2011 CAE Status: Negative

USDA Milk Test Data Link

Linear Appraisal:
2005: 2-03 89/VEVV
2006: 3-03 90/EEEV
2007: 4-03 90/VVEE
2008: 5-03 91/VEEE FS

Show Record:
  4 X GCH, 2 x BOB, 4 x BUOB, 
          4 x 1st, 1 x 3rd 
2008 Oregon State Fair BOB &
Alpine Supreme Best Udder

Shown 2009 (1 time):
 1 x GCH, 1 x BDIS

Shown 2010: 2 x BOB, 2 x BUOB, 2 x BDIS,
1 x BUIS
SS: ++*B SGCH New Era's Kane
Sire: ++*B Redwood Hills Kane Rainman
: Redwood Hills Sasin Rainbow 6*M

DS: A-I Dancer's T. Timothy
Dam: The Sor "N" Son TT Free Bea *M
DD: Tempo Aquila Free Sample

'11 Fall breeding:

2007 ~ 4yo

2010 Daughter ~ Shimmer
In Herd (Has her dry leg)

2011 Daughter ~ Symphony 4mo
In Herd

2011:  We had a tough year with our mature does.  Because of that, we took a break from our show schedule this year and did not attend any shows except one junior show.  We will be having a late kidding season in 2012 and may not see many shows until the later part of the summer.  Be that as it may, Splash has gave us a lovely daughter for 2011, Symphony.

  Splash is pretty much retired from the ring now.  We can only take a small number of does to out of town shows, so her showing is limited to make room for the younger stock.  She is still our joy and we are excited about her daughter, Shimmer, that is in the herd to carry on her legacy.  This year Splash and her daughter, Shimmer, went Best Doe in Show, in both the senior and junior division on the same day!

2009:  Splash is our pride and joy.  She has everything we would want in a dairy goat.  She is structurally sound with beautiful general appearance, is productive with her mammary which is absolutely welded on, & has a temperament to die for ~ very calm and loving.  I can send this doe in the show ring with my young daughter and not worry about Splash bolting or hurting her.  

2008:  At the NWODGA show Splash finished up her championship!  She was also BUOB in two rings.  Those wins were for you Helen Reasoner! :)  Splash really kicked in, in 2007, at the age of 4.  This year she has just been WOW when you look at her.  She has looked exceptional this year with her mammary system superlative.  Just a half inch short of breed standard, Splash was very close to earning an all excellent rating in her appraisal.  As it is she was appraised 91/VEEE as her permanent final score.  

2008 Oregon State Fair Best of Breed
2008 Oregon State Fair Supreme Best Udder
2008:  1st place produce of dam

2007:  We had a long kidding season this year so we were only able to attend the Roseburg, OR show with Splash going 1x GCH for her second milking leg towards her championship and 1x RGCH.   We really felt we could finish her this year, but had a herdwide ringworm outbreak which Splash was quarantined from, only to react to something in her pen and come down with a secondary topical staph infection!  Figures! :( Oh, well,  maybe in 2008! She appraised under a second appraiser as a 90 with the caveat that we heartily disagreed with this
year's dairy character assessment.  We feel, as well as her breeder and all of her other appraisers,
that she is an E.

2006:  Clackamas County Fair in Oregon, her only show that year, she won GCH Alpine for her first milking leg towards her championship.

2005:  1st place Produce of Dam at the 2005 Oregon State Fair, and 7th place produce of dam at the 2005 ADGA National show.

2004:  1st place milking yearling at the 2004 Clackamas, Lincoln, and Washington Co. Fairs and part of the winning Produce of Dam at the 2004 Washington and Lincoln Co. Fairs. 2nd place in her class at the '04 Oregon State Fair. 



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