SG Sequoia Wood ACCP Promissio 9*M

4 years old - 2009

Chamoisee, DOB: 2/16/2005
American Alpine
Feb 2011 CAE Status: Negative

USDA Milk Test Data

Linear Appraisal:
2005:  (0-04)  VVEc/V
2006:  (1-04)  83/+VAV
2007:  (2-04)  88/VVVV
2008:  (3-04)  90/VEEE
2010:  (5-06)  91/EEEE (FS)

Show Record: (2 GCH Legs)
2008:  1x GCH, 1 x RGCH, 3 x 1st, 
          5 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd, 1 x 4th;
          OR State Fair GCH Sr. Doe

2009:  1 x GCH, 1 x BDIS, 2 x 1st

2010:  2 x GCH, 1 x RGCH, 3 x BU,
          2 x BUOB, 3 x 1st, 3 x 2nd

    SS: *B Willow Run Caesar Redemption
(Rishona Son)
Sire: Waiilatpu WRR Acceleration
-03 88/VEV)
    SD: Waiilatpu HR Abigail 3*M
                 (Dam: Amethyst:  1999 ADGA Nat'l best udder)

    DS: *B Leap 'N Leabo Cracker Jack
Dam: Leap 'N Leabo CJ Pieta 8*M

   DD: Leap 'N Leabo Mary's Marion 7*M


Promise Yearling

2yo Photo


3yo photo


Promise was a powerful, very impressive looking doe both in size and structure.  Combining incredible length and strength of bone she still managed to maintain her femininity.  As a very immature yearling and at times verging on being somewhat frail looking, she rarely placed well in her classes, most of the time being at the end of the line.   She eventually grew into a beautiful productive doe and quickly moved up the line to eventually win BDIS and BUOB  several times over.   She was really a love it or leave it doe.  Some judges hated her and others loved her.  Her udder was very well attached but didn't have that "pretty" globular shape that some judges looked for and she had a rather "plain" face.  We couldn't complain as she peaked at #17lbs of milk in her 5th year and who would be unhappy about that.  At the age of 5 her udder was still high and wide with the attachment still holding strong even after years of heavy milk load.  Not our beauty queen, she earned her place here with her steady and reliable production.


We lost Promise in the spring of 2011.  We will miss her dearly.....

 Promise's Sire, Acceleration

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