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Leap 'N Leabo Viv Ramona

03-02 90 VEEE
2005 ADGA Nat'l: 18th of 54

GCH Leap' N Leabo Rainman Splash 2*M

5-03 91 VEEE FS
(In Herd)

Sequoia Wood ACC Beatitude

2-04 88/VEVE 
(No longer in herd)

Bea is the foundation of our herd.   Bea is your classic, you can't judge a book by its cover.  Not a slouchy doe by any means, she does have larger teats with a deep medial and a lot of people can't get past that.  If they can, they will see based on her progeny, that she throws consistently outstanding and improved type.  Her son, *B Sequoia Wood He Bea Dynamic, sired our lovely Allure whom we feel is one of our best does to date that we have bred.

Our  Bea has wonderful udder height (46) and attachment with a smooth foreudder.  She carries a beautiful wide leg set in the back, and beautiful dairy character.  Despite what her appraisal rating says, this doe is DAIRY.  She has sound feet and pasterns, is very angular and has beautiful spring of rib.

Bea was with me, the first day, the first time I ever stepped into a show ring.  She had always been so calm that I was a bit shocked when the judge tried to check her udder and Bea proceeded to buck like a bronc!  LOL!  Needless to say she tolerated the show ring periodically, but her greatest contribution here was as a brood doe and member of the family.

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