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2yo First Freshener ~1 Mo. Fresh

DOB: 7/01/07, Classic Cou Blanc, American
Jan 2013 CAE Status: Negative

USDA Milk Test Data Link

Linear Appraisal:
2008:  (0-11)  V+/VVEc
2010:  (3-01)  89/VEVE
2014:  (7-0)  91/VEEE (FS)

Show Record:
1 x JrGCH, 1 x 1st, 1 x 3rd,
1 x 4th, OR State Fair 3rd pl. dry yearling

 2 x RGCH, 7 x 1st, 1 x BUOB

2010: 5 x 1st, 3 x 2nd, 5 x BU

Daughter in herd:  Allure
SS: +*B SGCH Mt. Zion K Koobi Fora
(4-00 90/VEE)
Sire: *B Mt. Zion Koobi Saharan
SD: SG Mt. Zion Khartoum Bee Sweet 3*M
(3-01 90/VVEE)

*B CH Mt. Zion WGU Atrides
Dam: Milk X-Press MZA Sapphire
DD: Mt. Zion FC Jewel

2012 fall breeding:
SG *B Hoach's RHRS Kazaa Kinfolk


Dry yearling ~ 2008

2012:  Alleen was sold in 2011 and when we had the opportunity to purchase her back we jumped at the chance.  We are excited to be able to once again use her genetics.  We have been so pleased with her daughter, Allure, and look forward to adding more of her daughters to our herd. She will most likely not be shown, as she does not handle the stress of shows very well, unlike her daughter, Allure, who seems to thrive at them.

Alleen placed well in all her shows this year, despite the fact that she goes on hunger and water strikes. She stresses, often throws herself into loose stools, decides it is time to be milked and promptly begins to leak out her milk. ;) Some does take to the showing life while others don't and Alleen is turning into quite the homebody. Based on that we are not sure of her showing future.

She is, although, turning into an excellent brood doe throwing strong and improved structural type. Her daughter, Allure, was one of three doe kids we retained this year and she is lovely. Allure was our highest appraising kid. Alleen passed on her level rump and beautiful style to her daughter.


Alleen has matured into a stunning, stylish doe. She freshened in 2009 as a 2yo first freshener with a tremendous mammary system that has extreme height to the escutcheon, incredible width, attachment and capacity. Her lateral and foreudder attachment are especially outstanding. We are blessed to see she has passed this onto her daughter, Allure, who has better teat placement, but still maintains the outstanding mammary of her dam.

Alleen's story is unique in that she was the product of a last attempt breeding using our young buck Saharan that died at an early age.  Saharan had been used on several does that season but just wasn't mature enough to effectively breed.  We tried him on my son's doe, Sapphire, the one last doe to be bred that year.  4 Days later he came down with an aggressive type A enterotoxemia that killed him within 12 hours.  We were heart broken.  5 months later a single doe was born from that last attempt breeding, and we named her Alleen which means "Only" in Afrikan.  Her herd name belongs to my son who at that time owned Sapphire.  When David decided to put his energy into his meat goat herd, Alleen, as a kid, was purchased and then transferred to me.   

Our only regret is that Alleen is the only progeny we will ever have from her sire, Saharan.

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