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In Memory of Bea and Splash
who made a mark on my herd I will never forget.

The Sor N' Son TT Free Bea *M

3/9/2000 - 10/2/2012

GCH Leap N Leabo Rainman Splash 2*M

3/9/2003 - 10/2/2012

10/2/2012 -

A chapter in the life of our farm ended today.   

Bea arrived here first and she and one other alpine were the ones I took to the first show I ever attended.   She held her place as the herd matriarch until last year, when Splash finally took over.  She never really had to fight to keep her place, she just exuded her presence.  She was such a calming influence on our farm and in our barnyard.

Splash came to our farm when I intervened and kept her from going to a dairy.  Not that there is anything wrong with dairies, there are some great places,  but there was so much more to Splash than for her to just disappear.  She needed to be in the spotlight.  I had wanted her for years and begged to buy her before she left for the dairy.  Bless the breeder’s heart she pulled Splash from the sale and she came home with me.  She was the first doe I ever showed to her GCH.  We had the privilege of completing that chapter together.  She showed my 4 year old daughter in the show ring; she greeted me each day with her peculiar little chatty voice; I will never forget her gentleness.

The amazing thing is, Splash was pulled from Bea at birth and they never saw each other for the first 3 years of Splash’s life.  When Splash came, she and Bea gravitated to each other and proceeded to watch each others’ backs from then on.  They came in heat and then kidded on the same day for a couple of years in a row, and I remember being in the barn with both of them laying end to end while they took turns pushing at every other push.  There I was in between them.  They delivered their babies, taking turns, with Splash letting Bea deliver her first one and then Splash delivering hers.  They were a pair and taught me what it was to love these animals.

Bea, at the age of 12, and Splash, 9, began their journey together, today, across the rainbow bridge.  It was fitting the two should go together.  Bea arrived in this world on March 9, 2000 and Splash on March 9, 2003. Both came here at the age of three, and both have left together on their journey at the same time.  Both have left us with daughters, sons, and granddaughters with which to remember them.

Goodbye you two.  Rather than mourning my loss, I will remember the richness you added to my life.  You came here as goats and left as my friends.

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